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When Terry Tracy came to Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley on May 5, 2019, she was bedridden and unable to sit up or hold her head up due to head trauma caused by multiple falls and a stroke.


When Tracy arrived, therapists had to use a mechanical lift to move her, and she needed total assistance with all activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing and feeding herself.


Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley provided physical and occupational therapies to help Tracy regain her independence.


Physical therapists used strengthening exercises and equipment to help increase Tracy’s mobility, while occupational therapists focused on retraining Tracy to perform everyday tasks without assistance.


Upon completion of therapy, Tracy had seen dramatic improvements in her functionality.


Tracy regained her balance completely, her bed and wheelchair mobility had improved substantially, she could transfer without assistance and she could walk with minimal assistance. She also regained her ability to feed herself and complete hygiene tasks independently, and she required only minimal assistance or supervision for other activities of daily living.


“I’m happy with the progress I’ve made here and the therapy I received,” said Tracy. “I’m looking forward to returning home.”


Tracy’s long journey of recovery has come to a close as she returned home to her husband and family on Aug. 30.